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If you are going to blame anyone for any of this stuff, you have to start with Steve Bass, a former columnist for PC World and a real fun user groupie from Pasadena CA. He started this with the PIBMUG group and I have just "borrowed" some of the better gems here, and have of course, added to it. What i have done is to find all the YouTube links for you. Of Course, I make no representation whatsoever as to the appropriateness, political correctness, or value thereto! And if you have a favorite that I should include, drop me a note.


fox sports nail gun


Crash test: knocking heads is fun !


Roger Waters, Van Morrison, The Band - Comfortably Numb


Bagpipe Flash Mob @ Curtin


Onze helden zijn terug!


When real meets unreal. So amazing!


Burning Man 2012 - Dusty tale from the desert.


275,000 Dominoes - Enjoy Your Life (Guinness World Record)


Miyoko Shida Rigolo 1


Nepal Mountain Bike - Himalayan High!


Honda - The Cog


New World Record - The Longest 3D Domino Structure Ever - 18,800 Dominoes


Flash mob at Copenhagen Central Station. Copenhagen Phil playing Ravel's Bolero.


(remember to breathe) Alberta - Travel Alberta


Rob Higgs - Wine Opener Sculpture Contraption


Hoosier Love - (by Ryan Siebert)


Ormie the Pig


Shanghai World Expo Closing Ceremony Concert 720HD] 04 - Fusion of Art and Music


Fishing under ice (ORIGINAL)


Microsoft - Productivity Future Vision (2011)


Baku State of Mind - Eurovision 2012 Azerbaijan


Apple Steve Jobs The Crazy Ones - NEVER BEFORE AIRED 1997


Don't Trust Your Hotel Room Safe


3D Printer


Jetman Flight at Grand Canyon West (HD)


Sycamore School (Discovery Channel Profile Series)


Bubble-sort with Hungarian ("Csángó") folk dance


Jonna Doolittle Hoppes "Jimmy Doolittle Raid" presentation at Historic Flight Foundation


Toddlers & Tiaras with Tom Hanks


A Day Made of Glass... Made possible by Corning.


POV (PBS) The world's Largest shopping Mall - near Guangzhou China.


El Camino Del Ray - world's scariest walk.


Frazil Ice


Sapporo Beer Commercial


Lost Generation


the big beer ad


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